Monday, January 29, 2018

Fonda's Fabulous Funday Finds #3

The first two items were purchased at the ReStore in Ocean Isle Beach.

There are always plenty of picture frames to be found, but I don't usually see a round one, so I put it in my cart.

Round frame
I don't plan to use this particular picture, so I'll find something suitable to fit my d├ęcor.

I don't know why, but I'm drawn to office supplies. 

Pre-sharpened compass leads
I got them for a bargain, too, considering the price stickers! I have plenty of compasses (compai ?) to use these leads with. Now, if I can just find a need to actually use said compasses.

The rest of the items were purchased at the CIS thrift store in Southport.

Speaking of office supplies... plus more
The typing paper is to provide a white background inside a dark card that we would make. Behind that is a holder for papers or books for use in typing. And, in front is a Rolodex with plenty of cards and indices.

Holds paper, books or notebooks next to the typewriter
I gave this to Katie to use for her earrings. For each semester at school, she doesn't like to wear the same earrings twice. When she's done with one pair, she puts them on the back, and after the semester is over, she turns it around. The little mesh holes are just big enough to hold her dangling earrings. We had been trying to figure out a plan for her earrings for awhile. Now she has something that works.

The colorful box is for gloves. Up until I had seen this one, I had only seen pink and pastel dainty-colored, satiny boxes. This one couldn't possibly be for gloves, I thought.

Glove box {Click to enlarge}
There's the proof. The sticker says "Kidd Gloves, sz 6 1/2, $6 per pair". Of course, "kid" is misspelled. It is not made with a satiny fabric.

I believe I remember my mother wearing gloves as late as the early 60s when she went outside the house to a social engagement. It's what was done back then.

Behind that is a gold metal tissue box. I'm going to use it around this house somewhere!

Gold metal tissue box with nice filagree
Then there's a make-your-zipper-as-long-as-you-want kit. There are yards and yards of the sipper teeth plus quite a few zipper pulls. I sew, so they might come in handy.

Zipper tape and pulls
The world atlas is nice and thick.

1966 Goode's World Atlas — A Rand McNally Company
It's in great shape, and the illustrations are very nice. 

The pronouncing index
I'll have to consult the Pronouncing Index to see if they know that it's Beaufort, pronounced BO-fort in North Carolina, and Beaufort, pronounced Byoo-fort in South Carolina. Ahhh...I think they only worry about "foreign" lands, and we North Carolinians know how to pronounce Beaufort correctly!

The last item is called a Stamp Buddy. I've misplaced it, and I'm not sure what it does! It's in the heap somewhere. That room must be organized soon!

That's it for today's sharing of the hoard. 

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From atlas to zippers... and everything in between...

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fonda's Fabulous Funday Finds #2

It's no secret that I love to go to thrift stores, and here are the goodies I found at the ReStore in Ocean Isle Beach:

I had seen this the day before, but I didn't get it. I had to run it past Katie to make sure she liked it. It's pretty large. And, of course, I couldn't stop at this one thing!

The thrifting goddesses were shining brightly. {Click to enlarge}
Katie collects Madonnas, so that's for her. Katie also needed the IN/OUT boxes for her desk at school. The basket in the back is for the cats, and so are the water filters in the blue package. The brown packaging paper is for my art or for wrapping gifts. The Warehouse plaque is for the door that goes to the garage. The "Fat Girl" book is encircled with cable cord. The round green labels are for a garage sale in the spring. The coffee pot is for Katie. She felt that using the Keurig at school created too much waste, so she was doing her part to reduce that waste by making coffee at home. Next to the Madonna is a loom.

The loom {Click to enlarge}
This is one of those rare times when everything was going to be put to use. Sometimes, I pick up things that don't have an immediate purpose, but I must have it. 

I hope you enjoyed going to the thrift store with me.

From the Madonna to the loom ... and everything in between...

Monday, January 22, 2018

Good reads and Goodreads

goodreads is for book lovers, and here are 7 reasons to belong:

1)  Discover books and authors, new and old. From the moment you go to the site, there are books everywhere. Click on the genre, and it takes you to a list of current books with that tag. Hover your cursor over the book, and you can learn what it's about.

2)  Read reviews. Click on a book, and you are whisked away to its own page. Here you can learn about the book, see questions that potential readers have about it and read reviews that other members have posted. You can post yours here, too.

3)  Discuss your views with other members. You can ask other members questions, too.

4)  Create a list of books to read.  Once you become a member, you can start a list of books you want to read. To find a specific book, type the name of the book or author in the search box.

5)  Catalogue the books you have read. You can create a plethora of virtual "bookshelves" that belong to you so you can sort and tag the books you have read or want to read. For example, you can create the genre to which your book belongs, like "business" or "self-help", or any word(s) to help you sort the books you have read, like "didn't finish" or "own".

6)  Enter giveaways to receive free books. In the drop-down menu "Browse", there is "Giveaways". Every member is eligible to request books that they think they might enjoy. The odds of winning that book are subject to the number of books being given away and the number of people who are requesting a copy. The object of requesting books is to give an honest opinion of the book in a review. There is no policing, but in the spirit of the game, it is something that should be done.

7)  It's free to join. FREE. There's no reason not to join if you are a book lover.

I'm not a pro at this, so I'm still working my way around the website through trial and error, and I'm not receiving anything from Goodreads for this review. If I can help, I will, so just ask. Or you can bumble along and see what you can find.

From Alphabet to Zoo ... and everything in between...

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Hair of the Dog that Bit Us {or, thrifting and antiquing again}

As if the ridge weren't enough, we met Donna the next day at Riverfront Antique Mall in North Augusta, SC. It's near Augusta, GA.

But, before we did that, we ran into an estate sale and had to see what they had. These are the things that we "needed":

A wooden mortar, no pestle included.
An old Scrabble Game — now complete!
Break-away stirrups for our niece to use.
Finally, it was off to meet Donna at the Riverfront Antiques Mall where she has two booths. They were the most exciting booths, as far as I was concerned!

Where Donna has her booths

We purchased a few things from her booth and around the mall:

Sewing machine part and my favorite number
A frozen Charlotte doll discarded long ago
I love these magazines but don't purchase them new because of the high price. I got all Donna had!

(About 1" high.) I will add this to my tiny perfume bottle collection.
We also purchased three white chenille bedspreads.

At the end of this visit, it was time to say goodbye to Donna, but before we left, she presented us with gift bags stuffed full of goodies. They were things I would have chosen for myself!

Here are the gift bags:

Katie's is on the right, and the other is mine.
 Here are the contents of our bags (click on photo to enlarge):

Katie's bag
Fonda's bag
Thank you, Donna, for making our visit extra special!

***Breaking news: We have the flu. We got a flu shot. No fair.*** 

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From Aiken to North Augusta ... and everything in between...

Monday, January 15, 2018

Ridin' the Ridge — Spring Ridge, SC, that is!

Donna picked my wife, Katie, and I up from our motel in Aiken for a day of junkin', antiquin' and yard salin' fun.

Wooden nautilus

Our first stop on our way to Spring Ridge was a yard sale. I purchased only one specimen, which was a wooden nautilus. I thought this was kind of interesting.

We visited three places in Spring Ridge. The first place was Stuff & Things. This store was of the junkin' fun kind. Three full store fronts of nothing but Stuff...Stuff and Things, to be exact. There was no organization, and we had to look at everything. I looked slower than Donna and Katie, but I eventually caught up with them. I found quite a few nice goodies.

Stuff & Things

This photo doesn't do the store justice. It is so much more than this one dinky store front!

Leather baby shoes
Pink booties

I have to figure out how to remove the splotches on that left bootie. My own personal green organza booties have the same kinds of stains. Getting the stains out would make me very happy. Maybe someone can help?


I found a Madonna for Katie. She was looking too fast. Good thing I was looking slow!

A basket of shells

Katie found a basket of shells. There were a nice variety. Even though we live near the beach, we don't find very good specimens, so this was a nice catch {snicker, snicker}. 


There was even a large selection of books. This is where I cut my time and finally caught up with my cohorts. I'm glad to have found this one, single, lone book. Truth is, I could have spent much more time in the book department, but I fell too far behind. Don't pay too much attention to my reading selection {heh heh}.

The second store we visited was Olde Treasure Antiques.

Olde Treasures

All I have of this store is the scanned-in business card. I guess Katie and I didn't purchase anything here. I may have my photos confused with the other stores we did visit.

YSS Antiques WAS in Spring Ridge and in close proximity to the others we visited.

YSS in the third store we visited. We found three white objects and a piece of wooden architecture.

Medical glove-making form

I have been wanting one of these for forever, it seems. I've always passed them up due to price, but this one was more affordable or I had more money to spend. I'm not sure which!


This makes number two for this town!

Madonna planter

And, this makes number three for this town! Katie has been collecting for awhile, and she has amassed quite a few.

Architectural element

Isn't this gorgeous. If I didn't get it, Donna would have. Good thing I was a little bit quicker than she was on this. It's about 18" wide and about 2" thick. It's pretty heavy, and I love it. I don't know where it will end up. It will go above one door, but we don't know which one.

Ridge Antiques

Ridge Antiques was the last store to visit in Spring Ridge, and we found some nice goodies.

Old-fashioned goose neck lamp

I will be using this lamp to read in the bedroom while the Missus is sleeping. The shade has a lovely detail to it.

Wooden apple and pear

I have a nice collection of fruits and vegetables for the kitchen, and these will be added to it.

Roller skates

Look what we have here! A pair of roller skates that would be attached to the shoe. I had a pair similar to this. I still have my skate key, but it can't be used on this pair. Time to look for another key!

This concludes the stores we visited and the goods we purchased, but our trip was by no means over. Donna had a treat for us.

Peaches and Such

Lunch at Peaches and Such! We all had a sandwich, and for dessert, it was Peach ice cream all around. Peaches and Such also had jams and jellies for sale. These are some of the funnies they offered:

Traffic Jam
Frog Jam (Fig, Raspberry, Orange, Grape) and Moonshine Jelly
Toe Jam (Tangerine, Orange, Elderberry)

Those were some of the funnier jams and jellies. This is what we actually purchased to bring home:

Scuppernong is a grape.

The peaches were grown next door in the orchards. It was neat watching them grow.

And, that concluded our ride to the Ridge and back. Oh! One more photo:

The cargo hold was full.

Donna was good at filling up what we didn't. I think ours is the little pile all the way to the right. Donna has a couple of booths at Riverfront  Antique Mall in North Augusta, so she's always on the lookout for goods. We were on the lookout because we want to decorate our house!

Fun was had by all. I want to ride the Ridge again some day.

From NC to SC ... and everything in between...