Monday, January 22, 2018

Good reads and Goodreads

goodreads is for book lovers, and here are 7 reasons to belong:

1)  Discover books and authors, new and old. From the moment you go to the site, there are books everywhere. Click on the genre, and it takes you to a list of current books with that tag. Hover your cursor over the book, and you can learn what it's about.

2)  Read reviews. Click on a book, and you are whisked away to its own page. Here you can learn about the book, see questions that potential readers have about it and read reviews that other members have posted. You can post yours here, too.

3)  Discuss your views with other members. You can ask other members questions, too.

4)  Create a list of books to read.  Once you become a member, you can start a list of books you want to read. To find a specific book, type the name of the book or author in the search box.

5)  Catalogue the books you have read. You can create a plethora of virtual "bookshelves" that belong to you so you can sort and tag the books you have read or want to read. For example, you can create the genre to which your book belongs, like "business" or "self-help", or any word(s) to help you sort the books you have read, like "didn't finish" or "own".

6)  Enter giveaways to receive free books. In the drop-down menu "Browse", there is "Giveaways". Every member is eligible to request books that they think they might enjoy. The odds of winning that book are subject to the number of books being given away and the number of people who are requesting a copy. The object of requesting books is to give an honest opinion of the book in a review. There is no policing, but in the spirit of the game, it is something that should be done.

7)  It's free to join. FREE. There's no reason not to join if you are a book lover.

I'm not a pro at this, so I'm still working my way around the website through trial and error, and I'm not receiving anything from Goodreads for this review. If I can help, I will, so just ask. Or you can bumble along and see what you can find.

From Alphabet to Zoo ... and everything in between...


  1. I love Goodreads! I started using it several years ago to look up books and then I started bookshelves to keep track of what I read each year. It's very user friendly and while I've never won a book from them I keep on trying. I use to keep a notebook with my books read but this is much easier and I can type in a name and find a book to see if I read it or not as sometimes I just don't remember. I hope you enjoy the site, it's made my book reading life much easier.

    1. I don't even remember how I found goodreads, but I love being able to see reviews, have my own book lists and win books on a fairly regular basis. I'm glad you already enjoy it.

  2. Fonda turned me on to Goodreads and I love it! I am amazed to see how many books I have read and it is a good way to keep track of what you have/have not read in a series or by an author. The app is also user friendly, though I find it easier to try winning books from my computer rather than the app - I haven't found the place to go yet! haha.

    Thank you Fonda, for turning me on to the website :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoy using goodreads. If you love to read, you need goodreads!!! My memory needs freshening every once in awhile, and goodreads helps with that. I'm glad you've found a great way for it to work with you! And, because we linked up, I know what you are doing, and you know what I'm doing. At least in our reading realms. hee hee