Thursday, April 22, 2021

I have a dilemma

Dear Followers,

I don't know what to do!

Everyone who is using Blogger as a blog platform knows that the Follow by email widget is basically gone. Blogger is no longer supporting it, and its use will be gone in July 2021. This means that I will have no way of gaining new followers. At least, that's what I think it means. I only have 12 followers (from what I can tell), and I'm not necessarily looking for scads of new followers, but if someone wants to follow, I want to provide a way for him or her to follow me and read my content.

So, my questions is this: Does anyone know of an alternative way for people to sign up to follow my blog and remain with the Blogger platform? If there is no way to do this, then I have another question: What platform do you use or suggest I use as an alternative to Blogger? I want a platform that's free, but I will consider paying for an appropriate platform. I'm interested in what you're using, why you like it, what your fees are and anything else that makes it a great blogging site. 

Please help me figure this out, because I am lost. Thank you in advance.



  1. I follow a lot of blogs through bloglovin' so I will be looking into putting a link on to it on my blog. I like bloglovin' cause all my emails are in one place. I make coffee and then scroll through catching up with folks.

  2. I wrote a post about Feedburner and the Follow by email going away. There are alternatives.

  3. I have a followers gadget on my blog. You can click on follow and it will notify you when there is a new post. The one that is going away from blogger is the notification by email. My list of followers through email is different than the ones under followers. You are one of my followers through email. You need to go to my blog and click on follow under followers. Check it out.